OGAWACOFFEE Specialty Coffee Blend Assort Set Drip Coffee 5cups

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Ogawa Coffee was established in 1952. 
We have been trained and nurtured by the strict taste traditions of Kyoto, and have gained the support of coffee lovers. 
Please enjoy the polished taste and aroma created by our uncompromising craftsmanship. Only exclusive beans that have passed Ogawa Coffee's own procurement standards are used. 
After roasting separately, they are blended to add depth to the flavor and aroma. 
You can enjoy two different flavors of this specialty coffee, which is recognized as rare and valuable for its excellent flavor characteristics. 
[002: Aromatic aroma like buttered toast and gentle sweetness like milk caramel. 
[009] Aroma like red grape and rich sweetness like yellow peach.

Processed in:


[002] Coffee beans (Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador [009] Coffee beans (El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica)

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