Brand Concept

Momgdero is a combination of mom (heart) and gdero (as it is), meaning ‘as the heart is’ in Korean, and we want people to cherish their own feelings, sometimes ‘as the heart is’. We want people to cherish their own feelings, sometimes ‘as their hearts go’, and from the English word mom, we want to deliver the kindness that reminds people of their mothers, no matter how old they are. With these thoughts in mind, we have created products that are comfortable and inspiring for everyone.

To the product.

Relationship between momgdero and vinaphone

The binahong is a highly nutritious plant with high mineral and polyphenol content. The high nutritional value of binahong has been the subject of extensive research, and it is the first ingredient to be used in cosmetics in Japan. The binahong used in our products is a unique ingredient that is cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers on our own group farms in Japan.

Soothing With Fragrance.

Relaxation is an important part of the skin environment. momgdero products are topped with soothing scents that help you feel relaxed and refreshed. They help you to blow away the ‘blues’ of a busy day and make you forget about your daily tiredness and stress.

About momgdero

‘Shared cosmetics’ to connect you to your loved ones and your wonderful relationship.

If you really feel good about something, you want to share it with someone. Natural plant-derived ingredients and plenty of moisturising ingredients remove dirt and sebum without leaving a feeling of tightness after washing. Momgdero is a brand that fits in with simple life and is easy to share with your loved ones and family members, with a tone that is gender and age-neutral.

To the product.



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