Pietro Yomenya Pasta Sauce Crab & Crab Butter w Tomato

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Indulge in the irresistible richness of crab and crab butter! This luxurious pasta sauce is infused with the flavors of domestically sourced red king crab and crab butter, known for their sweet, juicy meat. 
We've generously incorporated the delicate meat and crab butter from the domestically sourced red king crab, prized for its sweetness and juiciness. 
Balancing sweetness, acidity, and richness, our sauce combines a rich tomato paste with coarsely chopped tomatoes, enhancing the savory essence of the crab and crab butter. 
Adding butter to the tomato sauce further elevates the overall flavor profile, creating a restaurant-quality depth of taste.

Processed in:


rough strained tomato, vegetable (onion, carrot, celery), seasoned crab meat (red crab meat, salt), tomato paste, seasoned crab butter, vegetable oils and fats, crab extract, butter, spice, sugar, salt, kelp tea, processed sugar, seasoning (amino acids), thickener (modified starch), flavor

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