Brand Concept

This is an original hair care brand planned and developed by the hair salon Snowdrop.

The SD Organic series is a total hair and body care brand, including shampoo. Many items such as treatments, body soaps, moisturising oils and hand creams have been developed based on customer feedback.

Domestic organic hair care series for parents and children.
Our beauticians proudly recommend them.
Safe, non-silicone organic shampoo made with care and can be used with peace of mind, even by your precious children.
Snowdrop's original organic shampoo is gentle on the skin, containing six types of organic herbal extracts and naturally derived ingredients, and can be used by children and adults alike.

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Development story

When I had my first child, I decided to buy a special shampoo and was astonished by the ingredients in it. As a beauty professional, I wanted to create products that I could use with confidence for my own children! That's how the Snowdrop series was born!

Company overview

Founding thoughts

We want to connect with our customers on a deeper level through beauty.

We do not compromise on anything, not only the technique, but also each and every perm, colourant, shampoo, etc., and provide only what we are satisfied with.

A place where customers can feel warmth, be healed and develop vitality for tomorrow.
We will sincerely create your own beauty so that you can feel that way.

About Snowdrop

The language of flowers is hope, comfort and joyful anticipation.

Snowdrops are snowdrop-like flowers that bloom in early spring, heralding the arrival of spring.
Legend has it that when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, an angel blew on a snowdrop and turned it into a flower to comfort Eve as she wept in despair over the winter that seemed to last forever.
We want our customers to be satisfied with the results, but we also want them to feel relaxed and forget about their daily fatigue in our warm space and thoughtful service, to become beautiful inside and out, and to return to their daily lives with hope for tomorrow.
The name was given with this wish in mind.

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