Premium Dessert at Family Reunion

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Airflown from Japan

To maintain the freshness, items are air-flown in and delivered to your doorstep few days from cut-off date.

SETOKA Premium Orange from Ehime

Premium Gift for CNY Gift

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MARUZEN Tea: Producing tea over 70 years

Through the accumulation of this history and know-how, Maruzen has been able to establish theirown procurement routes, build strong ties with the producers, and together with them, provide safe and reliable tea.

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Premium Mont Blanc Cake

Read the story behind Ishikawa's popular mont blanc cake.

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Princess Niina

Loved by the sea, a melon of distinction and first-rate quality. The "Mineral Melon" offers a smooth taste, rich in minerals as its name suggests.

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Setoka Premium Orange Gift Box

Every piece is gone under Optical Sensor Selector to guarantee the high brix. Only the qualified will be shipped as a gift box.

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Our Passion

It all started with 10 cases of Shine Muscats: Our CEO brought shine muscats to start his wholesale business in Singapore.
Our business has now expanded from natural produces to ready-to-eat foods that are now supplied to high-class retailers in Singapore. 
And here, we proudly present the finest we select.

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