MutsumiS Kyoto Macaron Assorted Gift Box

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These macaroons are made by Kyoto craftsmen,
combining the ideas and techniques of Japanese confectionery. Using Kyoto ingredients, these macaroons have a moist texture.
Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped macaroons in the following flavors: matcha, amazake, hojicha, yuzu, and purplish-imo.

Processed in:


flavors: matcha, amazake, hojicha, yuzu, and purplish-imo. 
Pack of 5(58g)

Expiration date
After Defrost 30 days

[MATCHA] sugar, egg white, almond, white kidney bean, syrup, butter, matcha green tea, wasanbon sugar, rice oil [AMASAKE] egg white, almond, sugar, sake lees (black rice, koji malted rice), unrefined sugar, syrup, white kidney bean, butter, powdered candy, monascus pigment [HOJICHA ROASTED TEA] egg white, almond, unrefined sugar, syrup, sugar, white kidney bean, butter, roasted green tea, powdered candy, rice oil [PURPLE SWEET POTATO] purple sweet potato, wasanbon sugar, almond, egg white, powdered candy, butter, rice oil, coloring(red yeast rice, gardenia jasminoides pigment) [YUZU] egg white, almond, sugar, yuzu, white kidney bean, butter, unrefined sugar, powdered candy, rice oil, gardenia jasminoides pigment

Preserve method:
avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity. Storage in a cool, dark place is recommended.

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