Orangette Cube Chocolate Assorted 3 Flavors JAPANJUICE

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The dark and milk chocolates are made with the peels of 7 different citrus fruits, while the white chocolate is made with the peels of 6 different citrus fruits, each carefully crushed and kneaded. 
20 different citrus fruits are combined with 3 different types of chocolate.

Processed in:

3 flavours*2 (30g)

chocolate, processed fruit (sugar, lemon, orange, yuzu, Iyokan citrus, mikan citrus, grapefruit, hyuganatsu citrus, buntan pomelo, lemon juice, shonan gold citrus, sudachi citrus, tankan citrus, natsumikan citrus, hassaku citrus, orange juice, yuzu juice, iyokan juice, buntan pomelo juice, mikan juice, grapefruit juce, hyuganatsu juice, shonan gold juice, sudachi juice, tankan juice, natsumikan juice, hassaku juice), vegetable oils and fats, emulsifier, flavor

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