Amritara starting from the soil.

Living organically

Amritala is a domestic organic cosmetics brand born in 2008.

Amritara's beliefs are to ‘not include what we don't need’ and to ‘create things that don't exist in the world’,
Amritara offers cosmetics, foods and supplements that contain the wisdom of nature,
We develop products that bring true health and beauty from inside and outside the body,
We have walked the road less travelled with our customers.

The word ‘organic’ comes from the word ‘organ’.
Organ means ‘organ’ or ‘organ’ of a living organism,
No organ is useless,
Organic organs are organically connected and function together in the body.
The word ‘organic’ also refers not only to farming methods,
It also refers to the harmony of the natural world, where different elements are connected to form a whole.

Organic is a way of life that values the organic connection between people and nature.
Connecting, resonating and blossoming.
We are committed to helping people move from temporary beauty to sustainable beauty.
We wish to help people to live an organic way of life.

brand commitment

Amritara 10 commitments

What skincare is really necessary for beautiful skin?
Amritaara thoroughly pursues what skincare is truly necessary for beautiful skin.
We examine what is necessary for the skin and what is not according to our own standards,
We try to create products that contain as little as possible of what is not necessary.

1.At least 80% of the plant raw materials* are naturally grown, wild and without pesticides, chemical fertilisers or post-harvest pesticides during cultivation.
No post-harvest pesticides are used.
Plant oils, plant extracts, essential oils, etc.

2.The origin of raw materials, including their place of origin and cultivation method, shall be disclosed as far as possible.

3.Synthetic surfactants are not used, regardless of whether they are derived from petroleum, plants or other sources.

4.Synthetic polymers and silicone oils are not used.

5.No synthetic preservatives are used, but only the natural antiseptic properties of plants are used,
Storage management by temperature, airless containers, etc. are used.

6.No petroleum-derived ingredients or genetically modified ingredients.

7.Carry-over ingredients (trace ingredients contained in raw materials that are not required to be labelled) are also
All ingredients are labelled.

8.Oils, fats and extracts are extracted by natural methods, without the use of petroleum-derived chemical solvents,
Extracted by natural methods, without the use of petroleum-derived chemical solvents.

9.Synthetic colourants and insect-derived pigments are not used.

10.No inorganic ultra-fine particles (nanoparticles) with a standard size of 100 nanometres or less are used.

To the product

Recommended products

★In-house launch NO.1★Contains Hokkaido birch sap* full of vitality

Birch trees in the thawing season soak up the blessings of the soil from Mother Nature in order to blossom and open their leaves.
This powerful birch sap*, full of vitality, is collected from birches in the area centred on the town of Mibuka in northern Hokkaido and made into a lotion without diluting it. This is a blessing of nature that can only be collected during a mere two weeks in early spring.

Our products

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness

*Tested for efficacy

A highly moisturizing beauty cream that tackles the signs of aging*.
It provides the most intense moisture in the brand's history.
Skin that lacks moisture, firmness, and luster as it ages.

Our products

Corrects dullness and uneven colouration and brightens the skin by one tone.

UV rays and blue light.
UV cream that can also be used as a make-up base.

Sunscreen so gentle on the skin that you don't have to accidentally wash your face.

Our products

About Amritara

Nice to meet you. I am Sayuri Katsuta, President of AMRITARA Ltd.
AMRITARA is a domestic organic cosmetics and food brand established in July 2008.

When I was working as a model around 1990, I went to an audition for an additive-free cosmetics brand, which triggered my interest in the ingredients of cosmetics, and since then I have been working on ‘additive-free’ cosmetics that do not use ‘ingredients designated on the label’, 103 ingredients that the government has specified may cause allergies or skin problems in some people. Since then, I have chosen ‘additive-free’ cosmetics that do not use the ‘ingredients specified on the label’, which are 103 ingredients that are defined by the government as ingredients that may cause allergies or skin irritation in some people.

We are determined to do our utmost to help restore a sustainable, better relationship and circulation between people and nature, and true health and beauty in all aspects of clothing, food and shelter.
With Amritala's products, we would be very happy to help make your life brighter.



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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
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Amritara All Light Sunscreen Cream SPF18 PA+ 40g - Tokyo Fresh Direct
Amritara Rice & Grape Radiance Cream SPF12 PA++ 30g - Tokyo Fresh Direct
Amritara Rice & Grape Innocent Serum 30mL - Tokyo Fresh Direct
Amritara Age Solution Cream 30g - Tokyo Fresh Direct
Amritara Active Repair Timeless Serum 30mL - Tokyo Fresh Direct
Amritara Indigo Balancing Soap 60g - Tokyo Fresh Direct

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