Brand Concept

For the skin, delicious moisture.

Skunk cabbage rice is a special kind of rice nurtured by the nature of Hokkaido.
Siamam- Siamam is a botanical cosmetic that contains the essence of rice bran with its rich nutritional content.

Rice bran has nurtured the healthy skin of the Japanese people in the past and continues to do so today.

Because it is a cosmetic product derived from rice, which is very familiar to the Japanese, it can be used to gently moisturise sensitive skin.
It gently moisturises sensitive skin and maintains the skin's natural health.

To live each day with care and natural skin.
Why not start caring for your skin with rice bran?

To the product.

The impetus for development

What inspired the development of the cosmetics,
The beauty of the hands of the customers making the bran beds.

We started developing cosmetics when we heard that our rice bran moisturised their hands and wondered if we could apply it to facial care as well.

The secret of its beauty is the moisturising effect of rice bran, which contains a wealth of nutrients.

The energy of our rice bran, which concentrates nature's blessings to the maximum, has been packed in without reserve.

Four uncompromisingly pursued, additive-free

We are very particular about the formulation because it is something we use every day.

About Siamam

Siamam aims for healthy skin that is uniquely you.

Real beauty is natural radiance.
The rich nutrition in rice bran helps you to realise your skin's natural beauty.

To the product.



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