[28th June ~ 6th July Delivary] Japanese Premium Melon

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Melons produced in Kochi Prefecture are known for their high quality, described as 'fruit blessed by the sun'.
This is because Kochi Prefecture, located in the Shikoku region of Japan, is blessed with a mild climate and rich natural environment, which is ideal for fruit cultivation.

Kochi melons are characterised by the following features

1.Sweetness and Aroma: Kochi melons are known for their high sugar content, making them exceptionally sweet. They also possess a distinctive, strong aroma, indicating their high quality.

2.Diversity of Varieties: Various types of melons are cultivated in Kochi, including Earl's Melon and Queen Siesta Melon, each with its unique flavor and characteristics.

3.Juicy and Soft Flesh: The flesh of the melon is juicy and tender, offering a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

4.Cultivation Methods: In Kochi, temperature and moisture control are meticulously managed in melon cultivation. Greenhouse cultivation is common, allowing for year-round production in optimal conditions.

5.Regional Climate and Soil: Kochi's warm climate and fertile soil provide an ideal environment for melon cultivation. Particularly, the long hours of sunlight play a crucial role in enhancing the sweetness of the fruits.

6.High-Quality Production Techniques: Farmers in Kochi possess years of experience and advanced techniques, enabling them to consistently produce high-quality melons.

Melons from Kochi are highly valued both domestically and internationally, often chosen for gifts or special celebrations due to these characteristics.

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