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Loved by the sea, a melon of distinction and first-rate quality. The "Mineral Melon" offers a smooth taste, rich in minerals as its name suggests.

Incorporating traditional and expert cultivation techniques, these melons are generously nourished with minerals extracted from the Kuroshio Sea's deep ocean water, crystallizing into a smooth, profound sweetness.

A notable feature of the Princess Nina variety is the absence of the prickly aftertaste common in melons, thanks to its rich mineral content, which also imparts a smooth umami flavor.

Even those who are not fond of melons might find it delicious.

The secret to its deliciousness lies in "beautiful water" and "the blessing of the sun." Kochi Prefecture, a southern land bathed in bright sunlight even during winter, is home to Tosa City, the largest melon-producing area in the prefecture, located at the mouth of the Niyodo River, known for its "Niyodo Blue" clear stream, facing the Pacific Ocean.

Originating from the highest peak in western Japan, the Ishizuchi Mountain Range, the rich forests nurture the Niyodo River, boasting the nation's top water quality. The cultivation of Princess Nina utilizes water filtered from this mainstream and a diluted mineral solution concentrated from the deep ocean water of the Kuroshio Sea.

Melons nurtured and protected like a princess, Princess Nina is grown with love from seed. Pollination is carefully conducted by hand and bees released inside the greenhouse, as proper pollination is crucial to the melon's value.

By allowing only one fruit per plant to absorb all the nutrients and love, and by covering them with protective covers about 15–20 days before harvest to keep their skin white and prevent overripening, the result is a melon of premium quality in both appearance and taste.

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