The 13cm Tale of Luxury Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc

Unique Year-Round Delights

Born from a passion for autumn's flavors—sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and pumpkins—our shop delivers meticulously crafted Mont Blancs. Each dessert is a visual and taste masterpiece, made to order and beautifully boxed, ideal for gifting or personal enjoyment.

Commitment to Excellence

Our Mont Blancs are crafted with care, using low-temperature baked meringue and the finest Hokkaido cream for a superior texture and taste. Seasonal fruits enhance our offerings, ensuring fresh, unique flavors all year long.

An Enchanting Culinary Tale

Our desserts transcend ordinary taste, aiming to evoke delight. The finely crafted chestnut paste creates a captivating experience, making our Mont Blancs a favorite for many. Experience our dedication to quality and innovation with every bite.



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