*Delivery limited only within mainland Singapore

・Minimum order amount is $55.
・Free delivery for orders above $100.
・For orders below $100 (excluding delivery fee), there will be a chargeable $10 delivery fee.

Express Delivery
・Goods that can be shipped within Singapore
・Available for delivery on days other than Sundays and public holidays.

semi-express delivery
・Delivered from Japan
・Available for delivery on: Fridays and Saturdays only.

*Designation of delivery time: neither possible.
*If you add both Express Delivery and semi-express delivery items to your cart, you will receive a "semi-express delivery" designation.

In case of absence of the recipient

・If you are not present on the delivery date for perishable items that require freshness, they may be disposed of.
・We cannot accept any 'returns or exchanges' in the event of absence at the delivery address.
・Please check your delivery schedule in advance and specify a delivery date.