Hayakawa Amasake Matcha flv. Chacha AmazakeC23

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Hinohikari" rice grown in Miyazaki Prefecture is used. 
In addition, to produce the flavor of matcha (powdered green tea), we blend "Asanoka," a high-grade sencha from Miyazaki Prefecture that has won the Fine Product Award at a national product fair, and "Kuwa-no-ha," a certified organic tea from Shimane Prefecture. 
This healthful amazake also allows you to enjoy the natural sweetness derived from rice and the bitterness felt from the tea leaves through the saccharification of koji mold.
A wide variety of premium, high-quality tea leaves are used.

In Japan, amazake is also called 'drinking infusion' and is full of various nutrients.
It is a perfect drink not only for winter but also for summer, as it is expected to help you recover your strength.

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koji malted rice, rice

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