Fresh Shizuoka Wasabi

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  • Also known as Nama Wasabi, this is one of very great condiments in Japanese cuisine but hardly found in Singapore.
  • Fresh wasabi in Japan is mostly provided to restaurants and never seen in supermarkets.
  • It contains "Allyl isothiocyanate" which makes that typical spicy taste; If you bite it, it doesn't taste spicy. But more you grate, the spicier it gets. This is because when grated, cells are destroyed where "myrosinase", the type of enzyme is created "glucosinolate" is dissolved and "allyl isothiocyanate" is created.,

How do you prepare fresh wasabi?

Processed in:

Small: 30g-50g
Medium: 50g-70g
Large: 70g-100g


Preserve method:

Best way to keep freshness of wasabi is:

1. Soak in water.
2. Wrap with newspaper. Then wrap with plastic wrap.

You may also try:

1. Soak in water in a cup.
2. Change the water everyday.


1. Remove the stems from fresh wasabi
2. Remove the beard and slice off the tip of the wasabi.
3. Using the knife, remove the first few layers of the tip of fresh wasabi.
4. Using the sharkfin grater, slowly grate the fresh wasabi but as much as you consume. *draw a circle.
5. Once you grate the amount you consume, move it onto a plate. Consume as quick as possible since the flavor only lasts for 2 to 3 minutes.

how to prepare nama wasabi

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