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Tokyo Banana is an iconic souvenir of Tokyo, loved by travellers from all over the world. This article covers everything you need to know about Tokyo Banana, from its history to its latest line-up.

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1.history of Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana was created in 1991 and since then has continued to attract people with its unique shape and flavour. The combination of sponge cake and banana cream became so popular that it spawned many imitations.

2.recommended flavours - tokyo banana you should try

Tokyo Banana "mitsuketa":

a classic banana-flavoured sponge cake.

Tokyo Banana World x Itoh kyuemon Matcha Cake:

Two types of smooth cream, Uji green tea and milk, wrapped in a fluffy Uji green tea sponge cake.

Tokyo Banana sponge cake:  "mitsuketa": maple granulated sugar.

The authentic Castella with a subtle banana flavour is hollowed out in the shape of a banana.

3.Tokyo Banana variations

Tokyo Banana has developed many variations in response to its popularity. Limited edition flavours and special seasonal editions are also available, always offering fresh surprises.

No. 1: Tokyo Banana's raisin sandwich:

Conducted in 2020 among 468 sales staff working at Tokyo Banana.
Tokyo Banana General Election". The sales staff, who are professionals in the field of recommendations, chose the "Best Tokyo Banana"!

White chocolate cream with a hint of banana and juicy rum raisins with concentrated sweetness. Sandwiched between cookies in the shape of Tokyo Banana.


4.where can I buy it? Guide to buying Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Station:

 this is where Tokyo Banana originated and is available at several shops in Tokyo Station, including Tokyo Okashi Land. Tokyo Station is very accessible due to the many train lines that intersect.

Haneda Airport:

 several shops are located in both the domestic and international terminals. These are easy places to buy last minute souvenirs before leaving Japan or for travellers who have just arrived in Japan.

Solamachi (in Tokyo Skytree Town): 

there is also a Tokyo Banana shop in the Solamachi commercial complex at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree. It is recommended to buy one as a souvenir of your visit to Tokyo Skytree.

These locations offer a wide range of Tokyo Banana products, from standard items to limited editions, ideal for commemorating your visit or choosing a souvenir.

5.advice for visitors to Japan

When choosing Tokyo Banana, look out for seasonal flavours and special packaging. You will find the perfect choice to commemorate your trip or as a souvenir for a loved one.

Tokyo Banana is more than just a souvenir. Its unique taste and the story behind it will enrich your trip to Tokyo. When you visit Japan, be sure to pick up a Tokyo Banana.


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