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The Uniqueness of Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream

Hokkaido is the heartland of dairy farming in Japan, supported by its rich natural environment, producing high-quality dairy products. Hokkaido milk, known for its abundant nutrients and creamy texture, is used to make ice cream that offers a unique taste not found elsewhere. Ice cream made here is smoother and richer in milk flavor than typical varieties.

The Quality of Milk is Crucial

The quality of Hokkaido ice cream largely depends on the milk used. The cold climate of Hokkaido is ideal for cows to produce milk that is high in fat and protein, which contributes to the rich taste and creamy texture of the ice cream.

Shops Offering the Best Milk Ice Cream in Hokkaido

Here are some top shops in Hokkaido recommended for visitors from Singapore, where you can enjoy the finest milk ice cream.

1. Niseko Milk Kobo

Location: Niseko Town
Features: Situated amidst Niseko's rich nature, the fresh milk from locally raised cows is used to make ice cream right on the spot. The simple yet profound flavor of vanilla and limited-edition seasonal fruit flavors are particularly popular.
Citation.niseko takahashi milkkobo

2. Farm Tomita Lavender Ice Cream Shop

Location: Nakafurano Town
Features: Located amidst vast lavender fields, this shop is famous for its lavender-infused ice cream. The rich fragrance and flavor of lavender harmoniously blend with the creamy milk.
Recommendation: The 'Lavender Milk' flavor, a perfect combination of lavender and milk.
Citation.farm tomita

3. Otaru Milk Plant

Location: Otaru City
Features: Situated in the historic canal city of Otaru, this shop offers handmade ice cream made with local fresh milk. You can choose from a wide range of flavors, from classic vanilla to seasonal fruit-flavored limited editions.
Recommendation: The 'Seasonal Fruit Milk' flavor, using seasonal fruits.

4. Shiroi Koibito Park

Location: Sapporo City
Features: Located inside the theme park of Ishiya Confectionery, known for the famous 'Shiroi Koibito' cookies. The ice cream made with Hokkaido milk is popular among all age groups. You can enjoy a fun day at the park with sweets.
Citation.Shiroi Koibito Park

Conclusion: Experience the Best Milk Ice Cream in Hokkaido
These ice cream shops are perfect spots for Singaporean travelers to fully enjoy Hokkaido's rich dairy culture. Each shop offers unique flavors that let you experience the natural and cultural beauty of Hokkaido. Be sure to visit these shops on your trip and fully savor the tastes of Hokkaido.

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