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Singaporeans passionate about Japanese tea culture will find Uji, known for its exceptional Kyoto Uji Matcha, a must-visit. This guide explores the best spots in Uji for a deep matcha experience, from centuries-old tea houses to modern cafes innovating traditional Japanese tea practices.


What is Kyoto Uji Matcha?

Kyoto Uji Matcha from the Uji region is highly valued for its rich history and unique production methods. The ideal climate and fertile soil of Uji provide perfect tea-growing conditions. The production involves shading specific tea plants, then removing stems and veins post-harvest, and finely grinding with stone mills. This process gives matcha its vibrant green color and rich flavor, widely recognized for its health benefits. This matcha is frequently used in tea ceremonies and various dishes and sweets.

Tsuen Tea House: A Legacy of Kyoto Uji Matcha

Experience authentic matcha at Japan's oldest tea shop, Tsuen Tea House. Learn traditional tea preparation methods in a perfect tranquil setting for tea lovers.Founded some 1,000 years ago in 1160, the restaurant sells tea-based products, as well as traditional Japanese sweets such as mochi (rice cakes) and modern desserts such as ice cream and parfaits, all made around matcha green tea.
Citation.Tsuen Tea House

The Tale of Genji Museum: Linking Literature and Tea

Explore Japanese literary history at the Tale of Genji Museum. Discover how the world's oldest novel is connected to Uji's history and matcha, influencing Japanese culture.
Citation.the Tale of Genji Museum

Fukujuen Uji Tea Factory: From Leaf to Cup

Tour the Fukujuen Uji Tea Factory to witness the matcha production process. This tour offers a deep understanding of how the raw leaves are transformed into the globally beloved green powder.
Citation.the Fukujuen Uji Tea Factory


Masudachaho is a Japanese tea shop specializing in Uji tea, gyokuro, sencha, and matcha. They offer 100% Uji tea leaves without any additives, ensuring pure tea quality. Additionally, they serve various sweet treats, including a popular Uji matcha soft ice cream. The shop is located in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, welcoming visitors at the main gate of Byodo-in Temple.

Exploring iconic locations in Uji, Kyoto, such as Tsuen Tea Room, The Tale of Genji Museum, and Fukujuen Uji Tea Factory, offers a deep dive into both the tradition and modernity of Uji matcha. This journey allows visitors to experience the traditional art of matcha making and enjoy contemporary culinary delights, bridging the past with the present.


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