Ichida Gaki Dried Persimmon(Gift Box) 700g

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Expiry Date: Feb 27th 2024

  • Nature-Made "Yokan": Dried Persimmon with mochi-like texture, Easy to eat, Classic sweet taste.
  • With 500 years of history, it is Nagano's proud representative and specialty product. 
  • Protected under G.I. (Geographical Indication) by Japanese Government., the quality and authenticity are well guaranteed.
  • Contains much Tannins. Fight against your hangover.
  • Perfect for your gifts.



Persimmon's season peaks in the autumn. Once harvested, every piece of persimmon will have their peels removed. 

They are then hung for more than a month. The very clean atmosphere of Nagano and humidity created by Japanese Alps are what make Ichida-Gaki so sweet and jelly-like texture.

It takes so much effort for farmers to control the atmosphere. If too humid, it gets rotten, Too dried air cannot remove the bitterness from the persimmon.

Everyday farmers need to take care such as open / close doors in order to control the atmosphere.

Once hung for over month, the persimmons are put under sun light to control the water contained in them. Too much water cannot make them taste perfect. The farmers adjust with their long experience.

Once they start showing the "white-coat", which is the glucose made from the persimmon itself, they are ready to be shipped.

Many may misunderstand that the white-coat is artificially added sugar. But they are actually the glucose made naturally from the persimmon itself.

Enjoy the mater-piece from Nagano.

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700g in Gift Box


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