Kochi Premium Okimi Strawberry Gift Box (season:~20th March)

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*Near the end of the harvest season: Limited time offer!!!

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Large berries averaging over 25 grams! A premium strawberry with a sweetness level around 15 brix.

Carefully cultivated large-sized strawberries! Okimi strawberries are grown in the rich natural environment of the western edge of Kochi Prefecture, in Shimanto City, Sukumo City, and Kuroshio Town.

Taking about 45 days to carefully cultivate, each berry averages 25 grams, making them large-sized.

Additionally, they are known for their longevity, high sugar content, and rich aroma.

Popular overseas as well! The large strawberries that are currently the talk of the town Sold as "premium strawberries" in department stores in urban areas, they are also exported to Southeast Asia such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia, receiving high support from the affluent locals.

Processed in:

500g (gift box)


Preserve method:
Please keep in refrigerator. Consume within 1 week from receiving the item.

1. Place of origin may change due to the weather condition and timing of the season.
2. Product image for illustration purposes only.

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