Setoka (Gift Box)

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  • Born from Kiyomi x Encore Orange and Murcot Tangor, Setoka has very nice flavour and melting texture.
  • For this, it is called "Otoro of Orange" (柑橘の大トロ) in Japan.
  • Very thin peels; easy to peel off. Very fragile but perfect for gifts.




Setoka Orange

Setoka is sorted with Sugar Sensor Equipment
  • Every piece is gone under Optical Sensor Selector to guarantee the high brix. Only the qualified will be shipped as a gift box.


Why our price can be competitive?:


Place of Origin / Processed in:
Wakayama or Ehime or Aichi or Others.

3kg (either 8 or 10 or12 pieces) 秀 (SHU) grade


Preserve method:

1. Place of origin may change due to the weather condition and timing of the season.
2. Product image for illustration purposes only.


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