KAGURA ROCA Sparkling 720ml Alc.7% MATSUISHUZO

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Experience the layered complexity of our sparkling sake, where the gentle sweetness and richness of fermented rice intertwine to create a deep and nuanced flavor profile, while still maintaining a youthful impression. 
With delicate effervescence reminiscent of muscat grapes and a subtle lingering acidity, this sake is truly unique. 
We meticulously control the fermentation temperature, maturation process, and aging period to achieve a taste that satisfies. Our special cap ensures reliable sealing even after opening, preserving carbonation to the fullest. 
Perfect for restaurants and bars with frequent opening and resealing.

Sake category / Sake
Ingredients/rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic) / carbon dioxide
Alcohol content / 7°C
How to drink / ◎Cold sake ◎At room temperature
Storage / Keep chilled for long periods.

Processed in:


rice, koji malted rice

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