Milk Manju Bun IEMON GREEN TEA TSUKI GESHO Matcha (10pcs) AOKI Shofuan

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IEMON TSUKI GESHO is a confectionery created when Miruku Manju 'TSUKI GESHO' and Iemon meet. It was created through repeated trial and error, with the importance of bringing out the best of the ingredients used in Iemon. The white bean paste is made from Hokkaido Otegwa and Shiroganetoki, with carefully selected Uji green tea added and homemade green tea milk-an (green tea milku-an). While making the most of the matcha flavour, we also maximise the milk and butter flavours that are characteristic of Tsukijyo and focus on the vivid matcha colour. The mellow milk-an and the bittersweet matcha flavour are in perfect balance in this refined gem.

Processed in:


kidney beans, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, wheat, butter, egg, syrup, whole milk powder, reduced starch syrup, matcha green tea, honey, rice syrup, trehalose, leavening agent

Preserve method:
Keep in room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.


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