Pietro Yomenya Pasta Sauce Sea Uruchin Cream

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This pasta sauce offers a luxurious taste experience, allowing you to savor the rich flavor of ample amounts of creamy and luxurious sea urchin (uni). 
Meticulously blended to achieve a smooth texture, the sea urchin sauce ensures that the essence of the uni is thoroughly infused. 
We've carefully balanced the flavors and richness, ensuring that you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of sea urchin. 
To enhance the aroma of the sea, top with the included finely chopped seaweed, allowing the sea urchin flavor to shine even more brightly.

Processed in:


[Sauce] milk, sea urchin, processed chicken egg, sea urchin flavor seasoning, cream, vegetable oils and fats, white sauce roux, tomato paste, seafood extract, salt, processed cheese, kelp tea, sugar, black pepper, seasoning (amino acids), thickener (modified starch, xanthan gum), flavor, coloring (carotenoids), acidifier, spice extract, [Topping] laver

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