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Attention all Matcha fans from Singapore! Let me introduce you to the most acclaimed Matcha cafes in Kyoto, the cultural city of Japan. Each café exemplifies the depth of Kyoto's Matcha culture with its unique charm.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a rich green powder made from specially cultivated green tea leaves. Consuming the entire leaf offers a dense, unique flavor and nutrition unlike other teas. Known for its vibrant green color and creamy texture, Matcha is valued in Japanese tea ceremonies for its spirituality and concentration-enhancing properties.

Why Kyoto is Famous for Matcha

Kyoto has been a hub of Matcha history and culture for centuries and is renowned as the birthplace of its production techniques. The region's fertile soil and mild climate provide ideal conditions for cultivating Matcha. Moreover, Kyoto's Matcha culture has been nurtured by many tea ceremony masters, making it famous worldwide.

Top 4 Matcha Cafés in Kyoto:

Uji Tea Café 'Saryo Tsujiri'
'Saryo Tsujiri' is known for its top-notch menu using Uji Matcha, offering different Matcha sweets each season. Their official website provides information on new menu items and special events. 

Citation:Uji Tea Café 'Saryo Tsujiri'


Itohkyuemon is a renowned cafe originating from historic tea farms in Uji, known for its high-quality Uji matcha. The cafe offers a variety of matcha-based sweets and drinks that blend tradition with innovation, providing a unique tasting experience. The interior provides a tranquil setting ideal for relaxing while enjoying matcha. In addition to matcha, the cafe features a range of seasonal sweets and tea-related products, celebrated for their exceptional quality.

Citation:Itohkyuemon Uji Honten Tea House

garden café

At this café, you can enjoy Matcha in a relaxed setting within a traditional Japanese garden. Visitors can indulge in high-quality Matcha in a serene environment. Booking methods and opening hours can be found on their official website.

Citation:garden cafe

Nakamura Tokichi Honten

Nakamura Tokichi Honten, is a renowned tea house known for its dedication to traditional Japanese tea, particularly Uji matcha. This branch offers a convenient stop for travelers, providing a taste of heritage through its variety of matcha-based beverages and sweets. The café's setting combines modern convenience with traditional aesthetics, allowing visitors to enjoy a restful break amidst their travels with high-quality tea and traditional Japanese snacks.

Citation:Nakamura Tokichi Honten


These cafés symbolize the essence of 'Kyoto Matcha' that Kyoto prides itself on in the world. For visitors from Singapore, experiencing these cafes will deepen your understanding of Matcha, a wonderful Japanese heritage.


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