Milk Manju Bun TSUKI GESHO (6pcs) AOKI Shofuan

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TSUKI GESHO" is a milku manju baked in a round yellow colour like a full moon. The white bean paste, which is made from an original blend of two types of beans from Hokkaido, Otebako and Shiroganetoki, is wrapped in homemade bean paste cooked with rich milk-flavoured condensed milk and plenty of butter from Hokkaido, and baked to moist perfection. The smooth, gentle taste of Milk Manju is a perfect harmony of Japanese and Western flavours. Its deliciousness has been recognised around the world and it has consecutively won the highest gold award at Monde Selection, which is also known as the World Food Olympics. In October 2020, it was also adopted as an in-flight meal on JAL's domestic first class flights departing from Haneda, and has become a nationally famous Osaka confectionary. With its melt-in-your-mouth texture and milky, gentle sweetness, Tsukihaye goes well not only with Japanese tea, but also with coffee and tea, so it can be used as a gift or as a tea-time treat, anywhere and at any time.

Processed in:


kidney beans, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, wheat, butter, egg, syrup, reduced starch syrup, honey, whole milk powder, rice syrup/trehalose, leavening agent

Preserve method:

Keep in room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.

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