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Japanese fruit is world-renowned for its superior quality and safety and is sought after as a delicacy in markets around the world, including Singapore. In this guidebook, we will introduce you to the seasonal delicacies of Japanese fruit available in Singapore and show you why Japanese fruit is the benchmark for top quality and safety.

Seasonal delicacies: Japanese fruit in Singapore

■Taste of spring

Strawberries (Ichigo): 

Japanese strawberries are renowned for their sweetness and juiciness. Strawberries such as 'Amaou' and 'Tochiotome' are popular in Singapore for their rich flavour.

Cherries (Sakuranbo): 

Japanese cherries, especially those from Yamagata Prefecture, have the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, and are loved as a luxurious springtime treat.


■A summer treasure:


Melons are highly nutritious, rich in vitamins C and A and high in water content, making them particularly popular during the hot summer months.

In Japan, melons are also renowned as a luxury fruit and are often used as gifts or for special celebrations.

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known for their soft, juicy flesh and sweet flavour, Japanese peaches are a summer essential. Yamanashi Prefecture is known as one of the world's leading peach-growing regions.

Watermelon (Suika):

 Japanese watermelons, especially those from Hokkaido, are renowned for their crisp texture and refreshing sweetness, perfect for the hot climate of Singapore.

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All watermelons are grown by hanging them in the air. This allows for even exposure to sunlight throughout the day, resulting in the cultivation of high quality watermelons with high sugar content and low irregularities.

■Autumn harvest:


large, sweet varieties such as Kyoho and Shine Muscat are autumn favourites that hold a special place in Singapore's fruit markets.


the Japanese Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons are popular autumn fruits in Singapore for their honey sweetness and smooth texture.

■A winter wonder:


A type of citrus widely grown in Japan. It is mainly produced in regions with warmer climates, particularly in Shikoku and Kyushu.
It is popular as a dessert or snack at home.

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Setaka oranges are a type of citrus fruit grown in Japan and are particularly appreciated for their quality and flavour. It is characterised by its extremely sweet, juicy and low acidity. Another attraction is that the skin is thin and soft and can be easily peeled by hand.


Fuji apples are highly regarded for their sweetness, crisp texture and long shelf life.

Its characteristic sweetness is due to its high fructose content, which exceeds that of many other apple varieties.

San Fuji Apple

It is characterised by a good balance between fresh sweetness and moderate acidity. Taste the ample juice and good crunchiness.

■Unparalleled quality and safety.

Japanese fruit is not only renowned for its taste, but also for its high standards of safety and quality. Meticulous attention to every detail of cultivation, harvesting and packaging ensures that each fruit is not only delicious, but also safe and healthy. Japan's strict agricultural standards and innovative farming techniques, such as precision farming and sustainable agriculture, contribute to the superior quality of these fruits.

■Popular products in Singapore.

According to insights from Japan Guide, Takasago and Zen-Noh, the popularity of Japanese fruits in Singapore is on the rise. Strawberries and melons in particular have captured the hearts of Singaporeans with their exquisite taste and premium quality.

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For Singaporean fruit lovers, the seasonal fruits presented here are just a small sample of the finest Japanese fruits to experience. Choosing Japanese fruit is not only about enjoying some of the best flavours in the world, but also about ensuring that you are consuming fruit of the highest quality and safety standards. Whether you live in or visit Singapore, you can taste Japan's rich agricultural heritage.



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