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Matcha is loved around the world for its unique flavour and health benefits. Matcha-based desserts are also very popular in Singapore. In this article, we introduce some of the best matcha desserts that are easily available in Singapore for those who do not like to make their own!

■The appeal of matcha desserts

Matcha is powdered green tea leaves and is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The combination of matcha's bitterness and sweet desserts produces a delicious, full-flavoured taste.

■Matcha green tea desserts to try in Singapore

green tea manju:

A type of traditional Japanese confectionery. This confectionery is a type of manju and is made mainly from matcha (powdered green tea) dough and red bean paste. These sweets are characterised by the unique bitterness and aroma of matcha green tea, which is balanced by the sweet red bean paste.

Matcha jelly:

Matcha jelly is a Japanese dessert made using matcha (powdered green tea). The jelly is characterised by the unique bitter taste and aroma of matcha, as well as its beautiful green colour, and has a refreshing taste.

Matcha ice cream:

Refreshing matcha flavour, perfect on a hot day.

■Easily available matcha desserts

 Iwasaki Crystal Mochi Matcha

The three layers of the cake are wrapped with matcha bean paste made with a generous amount of Uji matcha green tea from Kyoto, Japan.


Yummy YUMMY Gelato Matcha

Refreshingly bitter gelato made with high-quality matcha green tea.


Tokyodo Rice Flour Chiffon cake Matcha

Chiffon made with rice flour from Myoko, Niigata. Made with special matcha green tea. Fluffy dough.


Ikedaya Petit Envelope Azuki Jelly Matcha

This is individually wrapped yokan that can be eaten by opening the cutout and pushing it out from the bottom. It contains yokan whose flavor and aroma stand out by being thinly sliced.

Kindaruma GD Fujisan Yokan Azuki Jelly Uji Matcha

This yokan is made from Uji matcha green tea and is characterised by the refreshing melt-in-your-mouth taste of azuki beans carefully exposed to the clean air and pure underground water at the foot of Mt Fuji and cooked in a basket for about eight hours.


The bright matcha colour is a particular focus, maximising the characteristic milk and buttery flavour of Gekijo, while retaining the flavour of matcha. The mellow miruku bean paste and bittersweet matcha flavour are perfectly balanced in this elegant gem.

Maruzen Tea Roastery Roasted Japanese Tea Gelate 0℃

Popular gelato with the sweetness, aroma, and astringency of deep, rich matcha green tea. Wakaron - Japanese Macaron 6PC Set

The secret of Wakaron's deliciousness is its small, thick fresh dorayaki, which are round in shape like macaroons. The soft, chewy crust is filled with shiratama flour, while the mousse and anko (sweet red bean paste) tightly envelop the dorayaki.

■What to look for when choosing matcha

When buying matcha in Singapore, check for the bright colour and aroma. The brighter the green, the higher the quality tends to be.

▼Organic matcha is available here

Kyoeiseicha Organic UJI Matcha 30g

This organic Uji matcha has been carefully selected from the soil preparation. It is not only tasty and fragrant, but also gentle on the body and safe to consume.


To enjoy matcha desserts in Singapore, visit local cafés and restaurants. Alternatively, you can also order matcha desserts at home for a special occasion. Enjoy the charms of matcha to the fullest.


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