Mini Cookie Can (180g) Nojiri Keiku

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Nojiri Cake's baked sweets are made with ingredients that Japanese people have eaten for centuries, such as rice, kuzu flour, azuki beans, fruits, and malted rice, and each has its own distinctive taste, texture, and flavor.
Of course, they do not contain flour, eggs, butter, dairy products, additives, refined products, or white sugar. These pastries are made with organic and pesticide-free ingredients.
This is a handy size cookie tin. Enjoy the texture and lingering taste of the ultimate Japanese natural confectionery.

Ideal for souvenirs and gifts.

Product Features:
・Completely gluten-free
・No white sugar
・13 types of baked goods, all from visible producers
・Using traditional Japanese ingredients and homemade fermented foods such as rice, koji, kudzu flour, azuki beans and fruit.
・Carefully selected plant-based ingredients only

Processed in:

13 types.(180g)

rice flour, organic potato starch, organic coconut oil, soy milk, sun-dried salt, almond powder, sugar beet, sesame oil, organic vanilla beans, organic cocoa powder, organic chocolate chips, organic raw coconut flake, organic maple syrup, erythritol, butterfly pea powder, super green pistachio, purple sweet potato powder, nutritional yeast, organic soy lecithin, organic earl gray tea leaf, organic white miso, pink pepper, organic orange, organic corn oil

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