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Singapore's café culture has fallen under the enchanting spell of matcha. This green powder, originating from the tea fields of Kyoto, now takes center stage in coffee shops and dessert menus across Singapore. However, this trend represents more than just a passing fad. Matcha introduces the world to health benefits, a unique taste, and centuries of Japanese tea tradition.

■The Origin of Matcha: The Green of Kyoto

Matcha is a special kind of green tea that originates from Kyoto, Japan. The tea leaves grown in this region are shaded before harvest, enhancing their flavor and green color. Afterward, the leaves are steamed, dried, and the stems and veins removed before finally being ground into a fine powder using a stone mill. This meticulous process produces matcha's distinctive flavor and vibrant color.

In addition,Matcha is rich in antioxidants and is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, the balance of caffeine and L-theanine is said to enhance concentration.

■The Matcha Experience in Singapore

In Singapore, matcha can be enjoyed in various forms, from traditional Japanese tea to innovative desserts. Here are the top spots for matcha aficionados:

Matcha Specialty Cafés: 

These cafés offer an array of matcha drinks, including matcha lattes, matcha espressos, and even matcha-based smoothies and frappuccinos.

Japanese Restaurants:

 Not only can you experience matcha as a traditional Japanese tea, but you can also enjoy desserts made with matcha.

Dessert Shops: 

There's a wide variety of matcha-infused sweets available, including matcha ice cream, cakes, and parfaits.

■Five of the best matcha cafés in Singapore



Matchaya is a popular destination for matcha lovers in the heart of Singapore. Matcha is sourced from Uji, Japan, and the restaurant offers a wide range of matcha-based drinks, from matcha lattes to soft-serve ice cream, as well as the best desserts in Singapore.



This 150-year-old Japanese tea shop was originally established in Uji, Kyoto, and is a popular choice in Singapore.



The shop is famous for its coffee, but matcha lattes are also popular (along with hojicha lattes). The matcha is smooth, rich and has a perfect balance of sweetness, and is made from Morihan matcha from Kyoto, imported from a long-established Japanese matcha shop.


3.Maccha House @ Orchard Central

Citation.Maccha House @ Orchard Central (Facebook)

Matcha House @ Orchard Central is a Japanese café in Singapore specialising in matcha-based drinks and desserts, including matcha lattes, matcha parfaits and traditional green tea.

4.Nana’s Green Tea

Citation.Nana’s Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea is a café in Singapore that serves Japanese-style food and drinks. It offers a wide range of green tea drinks, including matcha lattes and blends such as hojicha and genmaicha.

Enjoying matcha in Singapore means more than just following a trend. It's an experience that connects health, taste, and culture. This green powder, which started in Kyoto, has become loved worldwide, yet the tradition and quality at its core remain unchanged. The next time you enjoy matcha in Singapore, remember the rich story it carries with it.

■ If you want to drink matcha at home, click here.

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