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Tokyo's unique variations include Tokyo Banana, a classic sweet, Toraya, a long-established Japanese confectionery, and Pierre Marcolini, a famous overseas store.
Please take a look at them as a reference for your souvenirs!

No.1 [Tokyo Banana World] Tokyo Banana "I found it!

A classic Tokyo souvenir! Everyone's favorite yellow confectionery

Citation.Tokyo Banana World

8 pieces, 1,078 yen

Tokyo Banana "Miitaketto" is a soft and fluffy sponge cake filled with banana custard cream with carefully lined banana fruit. One bite of the cake will fill your mouth with the taste and aroma of sweet bananas.

Tokyo Banana has been on the market for 30 years since its launch in 1991, and is so well known that it is considered to be the most popular souvenir of Tokyo. 2018, August 7 was recognized as "Tokyo Banana Day" by the Japan Anniversary Association, making it a household name.

This famous Tokyo souvenir is available at major stations and large commercial facilities in Tokyo and is well known by many people!

■Reasons why it is recommended as a souvenir

A very famous confectionary that no one knows about. It also tastes delicious.(20s / Male)
This is what Tokyo is all about (20s / Female)
You can enjoy both soft and moist (40's / Female)

Tokyo Banana "I found it!

[Sales outlets] Daimaru Tokyo Store Tokyo Banana Studio 1F-STUDIO, Daimaru Tokyo Store Tokyo Banana Studio B1-STUDIO, Tokyo Station Gift Kiosk Tokyo Gift Palette Store (outside ticket gates), etc.

■No.2 [Toraya] Yokan

Elegantly sweet and deep flavor that has been loved for hundreds of years

Citation.[Toraya] Yokan

Bamboo-skin wrapped yokan, "Night Plum": 3,024 yen (image courtesy of Toraya)

Toraya was founded in Kyoto in the late Muromachi Period. With the transfer of the capital to Tokyo in 1869, Toraya expanded to Tokyo while maintaining its Kyoto store, and is now one of Japan's most well-established Japanese confectioners, with operations in Tokyo and overseas as well.

Toraya's yokan is a long-established gem that is sure to please. It takes three days from the boiling of the azuki beans to the finished product to make the special bean paste for yokan. The azuki beans are boiled to make the red bean paste, and then the agar and sugar are added and kneaded slowly.

Toraya has several kinds of yokan, the most representative of which is "Yoru no Ume" (night plum), a type of azuki bean jelly. It is a beautiful confectionary brand named after the azuki beans that bloom in the dark of night.

In addition to directly-managed stores, it is available at department stores, airports, and major train stations in Tokyo.

■Reasons why we recommend it as a souvenir

When it comes to high-class yokans, there is no one else but Toraya (40s / Male)
Because it is a long-established shop and trustworthy (30's / Female)
Because it is very easy to eat with elegant sweetness (40's / Male)

[Toraya] Yokan

[Store] Akasaka store, Tokyo Midtown store, Nihonbashi store, TORAYA TOKYO, etc.

■No.3【Ginza Sembikiya】Fruit Sandwich

A special sweet gift from a long-established fruit specialty store

Citation.【Ginza Sembikiya】Fruit Sandwich

Fruit sandwiches, 8 slices, 1,296 yen (Image provided by Ginza Sembikiya)

Ginza Sembikiya, which has been in business for 127 years and has been loved for a long time, ranks in the "fruit sandwiches" category.

The sandwich consists of fresh cream, strawberries, muskmelon, apples, yellow peaches, and finely chopped chestnuts with sweetened chestnuts as a secret ingredient. The cut cross section is beautiful to look at, making it an ideal gift. Each fruit has its own presence, allowing you to fully enjoy the deliciousness of the fruit.

It is available only at seven stores in Tokyo, and can be reserved in advance through the online store. It is an ideal gift for various occasions, such as a rewarding souvenir for yourself, a souvenir for a friend, or a Tokyo souvenir for the provinces.

■Reasons why we recommend it as a souvenir

Fruit lovers will definitely enjoy this souvenir. The brand is well known (30s / female).
It looks beautiful and pleasing to the eye (20s / female).
Delicious and luxurious (30s / Male)

Fruit sandwiches

[Stores] Ginza Sembikiya Ginza Main Fruit Shop, Ginza Sembikiya Shinjuku Store (Keio Department Store, Noren-gai) Fruit Shop, Ginza Sembikiya Tsukiji Store, New Style Ginza Sembikiya Roppongi Hills Store, Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya GINZA SIX Store, and others

■No.4【Nenrin-ya】Mount Balm firm sprout

A baumkuchen with a firm taste and texture

Citation.【Nenrin-ya】Mount Balm firm sprout

Mount Baum Kurigokubame

Nenrin-ya has infused the European-born baumkuchen with a Japanese spirit. The company offers two standard types of baumkuchen, "Mount Balm Firm Bud" and "Straight Balm Soft Bud," both in the shape of a mountain range, as well as seasonal limited-edition products.

The best-selling item is the visually impressive "Mount Balm Firm Buds. Described as the French bread of baumkuchen, it has a crispy, savory crust and a moist, mellow, buttery flavor that has matured inside, giving it a strong taste and texture.

■Reasons why we recommend them as souvenirs

Because they are fluffy and very tasty (40s / Male)
The volume is perfect and there is nothing to say (30's / Female)
Stylish and delicious (30s / female)


【Nenrin-ya】Mount Balm firm sprout

[Nenrin-ya Ginza Main Store, Nenrin-ya Daimaru Tokyo Store, Nenrin-ya Sogo Yokohama Store, etc.

No.5 [Funawa] Imoyokan (sweet-potato dumpling) and Anko-dama (bean-jam dumpling)

Enjoy the whole flavor of sweet potato and anko (red bean paste) at this long-established store!

Citation.[Funawa] Imoyokan (sweet-potato dumpling) and Anko-dama (bean-jam dumpling)

Packing (3 sweet-potato Yokan and 6 red bean paste balls): 1,101 yen

Funakan, located in Asakusa, has been a signature product of Funakan since its establishment in 1902.

Since yokan was a luxury item at the time of its establishment, the founder invented the idea of imo-yokan so that anyone could enjoy it casually. Since then, "Funawa's Imoyokan" has been loved for about 120 years.

The ingredients are quite simple: sweet potatoes, sugar, and salt. The simple and natural flavor of the ingredients has always been popular.

The sweets are available at six stores in Asakusa, including the main store, as well as at department stores, train stations, airports, and other sales outlets in Tokyo. Funawa's wagashi are appreciated by people of all ages as Asakusa and Kanto souvenirs.

■Reasons why we recommend them as souvenirs

Because it has been around for a long time, it is familiar, and there is no doubt about it (30s / female)
Because they are popular with everyone (20s / Male)
Typical products of long-established stores (40s / Female)

Imoyokan (sweet potato dumpling), Anko-dama (sweet bean paste ball)

[Stores] Main store, Nakamise No. 2 store, factory store, etc.

■No.6【Tokyo Rusk】Premium Amando Rusk

Crunchy, sweet-smelling rusks with seasonal flavors

Citation.【Tokyo Rusk】Premium Amando Rusk

The butter and flour used to make the rusks are carefully selected from the finest ingredients. Plenty of sliced almonds are coated with mellow caramel. Aromatic and bittersweet rusk for adults.

8 rusks, 565 yen

The most popular is the "Premium Amando-Rusk. Sliced almonds are coated with caramel for an exquisite adult flavor that is both savory and bittersweet.

Other regular products include rusks made with sugar, maple, argray, garlic, and hazelnut, as well as seasonal, store- and event-specific products.

■Why we recommend them as souvenirs

Because they are well-known and taste delicious (20s / Male)
They come in a variety of flavors and are delicious (40s / Female)
Because they are easy to eat and last a long time (30s / Male)

Premium Amand Rusk

[Stores] Hongo Main Store, Sangenjaya Store, Tokyo Gift Palette Store, Machiya Store, Granduo Kamata Store, etc.

■No.7 [Imperial Hotel] Chocolate assortment

A prestigious chocolate confectionery recommended for both home use and as a gift.

Stick & Plate Chocolate

Since its opening in 1890, the Imperial Hotel has hosted many distinguished guests for international exchange and business.

The Imperial Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Tokyo.

The concept of the "Gargantua" hotel store at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo is to "bring the taste of the Imperial Hotel to your home. The shop offers a wide variety of gifts such as delicatessen dishes, cakes, breads, and sweets, all made with the skill of the hotel's chefs and suitable for souvenirs and seasonal greetings.

1,944 yen

We recommend the "Stick & Plate Chocolates," an assortment of two types of easy-to-eat stick chocolates (bitter and marble) and two types of plate chocolates (bitter and milk). It is a standard gift item that is well received for its smooth texture.

The hotel's elegant taste and brand power make it a souvenir that will be appreciated wherever you take it.

■Reasons why we recommend this souvenir

Elegant (30s / male)
It will be appreciated by everyone! (20s / Female)
It has a sense of luxury (30s / Female)

Hotel store "Gargantua" at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo

The shop will be renewed on the 1st floor of the Imperial Hotel Plaza Tokyo from December 1, 2021. This product will be available at "Cadeau Gargantua" in the hotel store "Gargantua".

[Address] 1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Business hours] 10:00 - 19:00
[Closed] Open all year round
[Access] [Train] 5 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Sta.
[Parking] Available (600 yen per 30 minutes, max. 12,000 yen per day)
For more information about the Hotel Shop "Gargantua" at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo,

■No. 8 [Ginza Tamaya] Tokyo Egg Sesame Egg

A well-known Tokyo souvenir, a famous confectionary with an elegant sesame aroma.

Citation. [Ginza Tamaya] Tokyo Egg Sesame Egg

The bite-sized white egg-shaped pastry is filled with black sesame paste and black sesame bean paste. The bean paste is then wrapped in sponge cake dough and coated with white chocolate.

The four layers of black sesame paste, black sesame bean paste, sponge cake dough, and white chocolate make up this savory confectionary full of black sesame.

In addition to the standard "Tokyo Tamago Sesame Egg," there are many other flavor variations. We also recommend the Tokyo Tamago Suito Potato Tamago, Choco Tamago Caramel Brownie, Melon Tamago, and Matcha Tamago Kaoru Uji Matcha.

Since there are stores in department stores, train stations, and airports, it is easy to purchase souvenirs when you need them.

■Reasons why we recommend them as souvenirs

Because it is delicious with a fresh texture that you can't find anywhere else (40s / Male)
Taste that you can't find anywhere else (20s / Female)
The richness of the sesame paste that I tasted for the first time is addictive (30s / female).

Tokyo Tamago Sesame Egg

[Tokyo Tamago Sesame Eggs" is available at Ginza Tamaya Honten, Ginza Tamaya Daimaru Tokyo Store, and other stores.

For more information about Tokyo Tamago Sesame Eggs,

■No.9 [Pierre Marcolini] Marcolini Biscuit

Sophisticated foreign brand sweets unique to Tokyo

Citation. [Pierre Marcolini] Marcolini Biscuit

This chocolate store is owned by Pierre Marcolini, the world-famous chocolatier who holds a royal warrant from the Belgian royal family. From its main store in Belgium, it has expanded to Paris, London, and other parts of the world, and landed in Japan in 2001. 2021, it currently has seven stores in Japan, mainly in Tokyo.

Cakes Chocolat is a great souvenir from Tokyo. A simple chocolate cake made with original couverture. When combined with confiture, ice cream, etc., a new taste is created.

The premium chocolate brand is a coveted sweet for people living in the countryside. They will be appreciated as Tokyo souvenirs!

■Reasons why they are recommended as souvenirs

Because it is fashionable (40s / female)
Because it is a famous confectioner (20s / Female)
Because they are delicious (20s / Female)

Pierre Marcolini Grandsta Tokyo

[Address] B1F, JR East Tokyo Station, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Business hours] 8:00 - 21:00 (Monday - Saturday, single holidays), 8:00 - 20:00 (Sunday, holidays on the last day of consecutive weekends) *Subject to change according to Grandsta Tokyo's business hours.
[Closed] Closed on the same days as Gransta Tokyo is closed.
[Access] [By train] JR Tokyo Station
[Parking] No parking available

■No.10 [Essire Maison du Bourg] Baked sweets

You will be impressed by the mellow aroma! Baked sweets using French A.O.P.

Citation. [Essire Maison du Bourg] Baked sweets

Sablet Essiree, 12 pieces, 3,240 yen

Produced in the village of Essillet in Midwestern France, Essillet butter is characterized by its creamy texture, mellow aroma, and light, refreshing acidity like yogurt.

The "Essillet Maison du Bourg" is the world's first store specializing in Essillet butter. In addition to a full lineup of Essilé butter, the store also offers a variety of baked goods, breads, ice cream, and other Essilé products only available in Japan that are made with plenty of Essilé butter.

For souvenirs, we recommend the "Sablé Essire" and "Galette Essire," baked goods that can be carried at room temperature. Both offer the refined and rich taste of Echire butter.

■Reasons why we recommend them as souvenirs

Delicious and luxurious (40s / male)
A luxury item that I wouldn't buy for myself (30s / Female)
It tastes luxurious! You have to wait in line to buy it, so you are lucky if you can buy it! (30's / female)

Essire Maison du Bourg

[Address] Marunouchi Brick Square 1F, 2-6-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Business hours] 10:00 - 19:00
[Closed] No regular holidays
[Access] [Train] 5 min. walk from JR Tokyo Sta.
[Parking] Available

For more information about Essire Maison du Bourg, 

■extra (special) edition Kit Kats

You’ll never look at plain, milk chocolate Kit Kats the same way once you’ve sampled some of the inventive flavors sold in Tokyo. Kit Kats are more than just candy in Japan; they are an obsession, in part because of the multitude of flavor variations available there. If you’re wondering what to buy in Tokyo for your friends back home, Kit Kats are an inexpensive and unique option. You can buy these celebrated Kit Kats at any of the Don Quijote convenience stores, or you can head straight to the source and do your sweet shopping at one of the Kit Kat Chocolatory shops in Tokyo.

Citation. Kit Kats

▼8 fun Kit Kat flavors to buy in Tokyo

  • Wasabi
  • Green tea
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Sweet potato
  • Apple vinegar
  • Choco banana
  • Grape
  • Rum raisin

*The information and photos may not be up-to-date. Please be sure to check the information by yourself before visiting the restaurant.

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