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Welcome to Tokyo Station, an iconic landmark where culinary dreams come alive. This guide offers Singaporean food enthusiasts a curated exploration of the best dining experiences in Tokyo Station, weaving through its bustling corridors and hidden culinary corners.

 Tokyo Gransta: A Culinary Mosaic

Exploring Tokyo Gransta's Delights: Step into Tokyo Gransta, the pulsating heart of Tokyo Station's food scene, boasting over 150 eateries. From the Michelin-recommended Gyoza Stand Oolong to the fresh and vibrant sushi at Haneda Ichiba, Gransta is a food lover's paradise. Get ready to be enthralled by the rich variety of flavors and culinary craftsmanship​​.

Tokyo Gyoza Stand Oolong(Gyoza)


A Michelin-starred chef and a Chinese dim sum master have thoroughly developed the dumplings, from how the skin is made to how the meat is ground. The original craft beer "Oolong Ale" was brewed using oolong tea leaves from Fujian Province, China, and was developed by the best brewer only for the dumplings. You can enjoy the marriage of the best dumplings and the best beer.

Citation.Tokyo Gyoza Stand Oolong

Conveyor belt sushi Haneda Market(Sushi)


Fresh fish is delivered from 10,000 coastal fishermen throughout Japan.Sushi rice is made with red vinegar, an Edo-mae specialty.Orders are placed via a touch panel for freshly nigiri.

Citation.Conveyor belt sushi Haneda Market

Tonkatsu Maizumi Shokudo(Tonkatsu)


Mai-izumi, which serves "soft pork cutlets that can be cut with chopsticks," offers a wide variety of rice bowls. You can enjoy a variety of rice bowls such as "Katsu-don", "Maizakari-don" topped with our specialty deep-fried pork cutlet, and "Shio Hire-Katsu-don", a bowl of rice topped with salt fillet cutlet, which you can eat with a refreshing taste.

Citation.Tonkatsu Maizumi Shokudo

Global Culinary Treasures Within Tokyo Station

A World of Taste: Tokyo Station offers more than just Japanese cuisine. Restaurant Prunier, a Michelin-starred restaurant, offers exquisite French cuisine. You can also enjoy the warmth of Italian cuisine and hearty hospitality at Eataly. You can enjoy a journey of taste without even leaving Tokyo Station.

Restaurant Prunier(French cuisine)

Restaurant Prunier" at Tokyo Kaikan was awarded one star in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023.

Under the theme of "fresh with fire, natural with form," the restaurant offers innovative cuisine that incorporates the essence of modern French cuisine while respecting tradition.

Citation.Restaurant Prunier

EATALY(Restaurants, Cafes and Markets)

There is a cafe in the front of the store, a market and quick service in the center, and a restaurant in the back. The restaurant is available for meals, snacks, and shopping. The café is used by a wide range of customers, from weekend businessmen to tourists.


Revealing the Artistry of Japanese Cuisine

Enjoy traditional Japanese flavors: Get an authentic taste of Japan at one of the traditional restaurants in Tokyo Station. From the Station Restaurant The Central, an iconic Tokyo Station dining space that recreates a stately "dining car" inside, to the rich variety of bento boxes on the B1 food floor of Daimaru, a department store on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station, you can experience Japan's rich culinary traditions.


Enjoy nostalgic yet new Western food, such as the 'Traditional Hayashi Rice with Demi-glace Sauce', which has been handed down for more than 80 years since the days of the dining car, and the 'Adult Children's Lunch' Central Plate, which includes a hamburger, omelette and fried prawns all in one dish.


Daimaru Tokyo(department)

 On the B1 food floor of Daimaru, there is an area called "Bento Street," where a wide variety of bento boxes are available for takeout.

Citation.Daimaru Tokyo 

 Singapore Favorites: Personalized Restaurant Recommendations

Here are some of Tokyo Station's gourmet favorites according to Singaporean tastes. From popular restaurants to well-loved cuisines, here are some of the spots that resonate with Singaporean travelers.

Tokyo Ramen Street(Ramen)


Ramen Street: For noodle enthusiasts, Tokyo Station's Ramen Street presents a variety of ramen styles, reminiscent of Singapore's own diverse noodle scene.

Citation.Tokyo Niboshi Ramen Tama

Sushi Aoyagi(Sushi)


The finest Edomae Sushi made by artisans.The traditions and techniques of Edo-mae Sushi have been passed down from generation to generation.The carefully selected ingredients and the skill of our craftsmen will lead you to a world of deliciousness.

Citation.Sushi Aoyagi

 Dining at Tokyo Station: For a diverse dining experience at Tokyo Station, here are three restaurants to suit every budget and taste:

T’s TanTan (Ramen)

A vegan-friendly option, T's TanTan offers a variety of delightful ramen dishes, perfect for those looking for healthy and affordable meals.

Citation.T’s TanTan

Okonomiyaki Kiji (okonomiyaki)

For a mid-range dining experience, Kiji serves authentic Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake, along with other teppanyaki dishes.

Citation.Okonomiyaki Kiji

Hanagoyomi Tokyo  (Washoku)

For a more luxurious dining experience, Hanagoyomi Tokyo provides traditional Japanese cuisine with modern innovation. Located in Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, it offers a stunning view and a variety of dishes including kaiseki cuisine and wagyu beef.

Citation.Hanagoyomi Tokyo

 Advice for Singaporean Gourmets

Understand Japanese Dining Etiquette:

 Familiarize yourself with Japanese dining manners. For instance, it's customary to say "itadakimasu" before eating and "gochisosama deshita" after finishing your meal as a sign of gratitude. Remember to use chopsticks correctly and avoid passing food directly from one pair of chopsticks to another.

Navigating Tokyo Station: 

It's a large station with many exits and areas. Use station maps and signage, which are often available in English, to navigate efficiently.

Budget-Friendly Options: 

Look for eateries in the underground mall, where you can find affordable yet delicious options, including bento boxes and noodle shops.

High-End Dining: 

For a luxurious experience, explore fine dining restaurants within the station or nearby. These establishments often require reservations.


Things to Do and See In Tokyo Station and Marunouchi

There are several worthwhile things to do right near the station. 

1.Tokyo Station (train station/shopping and dining complex)
It might be strange to list a train station as an attraction, but when the train station is like a small city, packed with shops and restaurants, it's worth including. You can buy all kinds of souvenirs in the Tokyo Station Ichiban Gai (First Avenue Tokyo Station) shopping/dining arcade, which is located directly downstairs of the main Yaesu Gate.

2.Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum (art museum)
This superb museum is my pick for the best attraction near Tokyo Station. It's one of my favorite art museums in Tokyo. Located in a recreation of the original 1894 Western-style office building, the museum has a permanent collection of paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec. But, the focus is on the superb special exhibitions held throughout the year, mostly focusing on Western traditional art, but with occasional excellent shows of Japanese art. It's expensive but well worth it. Nearby, you'll find a few good places for lunch.

3.Idemitsu Museum of Arts (ceramics museum)
Hidden away on the 9th floor of an office building at the southern edge of Marunouchi, this fine little museum has a collection centered on Japanese paintings and East Asian ceramics. It's best for serious fans of this kind of art, rather than a general audience. The museum has a pleasant rest area with free tea that offers a sweeping view over the Imperial Palace where you can relax after touring the exhibits.

4.Bridgestone Museum of Art (art museum)
This fine museum of Western and Japanese art located a short walk southwest of the station

5.Tokyo International Forum Building (notable building)
This is one of my favorite buildings in Tokyo: It looks like a giant glass ship marooned in the middle of Tokyo. There's not much to do here, but it's well worth a walk through on the way to Ginza or Yurakucho.



This comprehensive guide was created to provide Singapore readers with an in-depth, engaging, and informative introduction to Tokyo Station's diverse culinary scene. Blending practical advice, cultural insights, and lively storytelling, this guidebook will be an indispensable companion for Singaporean food lovers who step into the heart of Tokyo's culinary wonderland.

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