Special Baked Sweet Potato HOSSHIIMO Kikuchi

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Our delicious Hoshii-mo pie (dried sweet potato pie), has been the top-selling product of Kikuchi company. Made with premium dried sweet potatoes from Hitachinaka in Ibaraki prefecture, nurtured by the fertile soil and abundant sunlight of the region, each pie is carefully crafted with crispy pie crust to encase the rich flavors. Toast lightly in a toaster to restore the pie crust's crispiness for an even more delightful taste experience. 

Awards. *In well-known Japanese magazines and other publications.
★Selected as a representative product of Ibaraki Prefecture in the "2021 National Debut Road of Indie Souvenirs Organised by Mercari" and ranked 5th in the country.
★Ranked 1st in the "Jaran
Absolutely Delightful! 25 souvenirs from Ibaraki Prefecture! Local people's "Popularity Ranking" & "Editor's Recommendation" No. 1.

Processed in:


dried sweet potato, wheat, sugar, processed oils and fats, vegetable oils and fats, apple, egg, malt extract, salt, powdered milk, trehalose, emulsifier, citric acid, flavor, coloring (carotene), antioxidants (Vitamin C), calcium lactate

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