Shiki Gonomi Assorted Peanuts & Rice Cracker MAMEMASA

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A top-three favorite at the Kyoto Food Expo!

Indulge in a burst of flavors with our popular snack mix, featuring a colorful assortment of sweet and savory bean snacks alongside various rice crackers and tiny fish. 
Loved by kids, adults, and seniors alike, this snack mix offers a delightful array of sweet and savory tastes. 

Processed in:


peanut, rice flour (corn starch, sticky rice), potato starch, soy sauce, vegetable oils and fats, kelp, shrimp, syrup, salt, mayonnaise, sugar, black soybean, seaweed, fish meat, sesame, mayonnaise flavored seasoning, crab flavored seasoning, bonito extract, scallop extract, aosa seaweed, green laver, shichimi spices mix, protein hydrolyzate, plum powder, starch saccharide, ginger, wheat, sardine, horse mackerel, starch, red chili pepper, starch decomposition products, sweetened sake, fava beans, alcohol, cheese, matcha green tea, perilla, wasabi powder, plum powder, leavening agent, coloring (tartrazine, sunset yellow FCF, brilliant blue FCF, red yeast rice, paprika pigment, caramel, gardenia jasminoides pigment, safflower yellow, ponceau 4R), flavor, calcium carbonate, acidifier, sweetener (trehalose, licorice, steviol), seasoning (L-monosodium glutamate, disodium 5'-inosinate, fumaric acid, disodium succinate, yeast extract, dextrin), thickener (modified starch), spice extract

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