Lunar Piena Premium Watermelon

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Introducing Luna Piena Watermelons: A Symphony of Nature and Craftsmanship

Origin of the Name 'Luna Piena' Derived from the Italian words 'Luna' (Moon) and 'Piena' (Full), Luna Piena symbolizes the splendor of a full moon. Situated in Kōnan City’s Yasu Town, a scenic coastal area, our watermelons bask in sunlight akin to diamonds sparkling in the ocean, a celestial dance of light that happens year-round.


Unique Cultivation Process At Luna Piena, we employ an innovative "Aerial Stereoscopic Cultivation" technique. Our watermelons, cradled in specially designed hammocks, receive an abundance of sunlight, ripening slowly to perfection. This method is a fusion of traditional wisdom and modern sophistication, nurturing each fruit with care and precision.

Cultivation Highlights

  • Three-Dimensional Aerial Cultivation: A rare technique that ensures even sunlight exposure, reducing inconsistencies and enhancing flavor.
  • Selective Cultivation: Each vine yields only one fruit, focusing on quality over quantity.
  • Organic Practices: Emphasis on compost and organic fertilizers, benefiting from a unique terrain devoid of groundwater, perfect for watermelon cultivation.
  • Innovative Irrigation: Drip irrigation system managed meticulously by our dedicated team, ensuring optimal water distribution.

Harvesting and Quality Assurance

  • Controlled Greenhouse Cultivation: Luna Piena watermelons are exclusively greenhouse-grown by a dedicated group of five farms.
  • Harvest Seasons: Medium-sized fruits are harvested twice a year (Mid-October to Mid-April), and large fruits once a year (Late April to Mid-July).
  • Rigorous Selection Process: A two-stage selection by producers themselves, including sound tests and thorough visual inspections, ensures only the best fruits earn the Luna Piena label.
  • Traceability and Responsibility: Every Luna Piena watermelon comes with a label indicating its origin and producer, signifying our commitment to responsibility and transparency.
  • Eco-Farmer Certification: All producers are certified Eco-Farmers, a testament to our sustainable and safe cultivation practices.

Experience the magic of Luna Piena watermelons, where every bite is a testament to the harmony between nature's gifts and our relentless pursuit of perfection.

Processed in:

1 whole piece


Preserve method:
please keep in room temperature


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