KAGURA Mitsugo Yuzu 720ml Alc.10% MATSUISHUZO

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Crafted from yuzu fruit sourced from the historic Kyoto district of Mizuo, known as the birthplace of yuzu cultivation in Japan, boasting a legacy of nearly 700 years. 
The distinct flavor of yuzu reflects the passage of time as the fruit matures on aged trees, offering a refreshing yet complex taste. 
Our 'Kamikura' sake brings together the essence of Kyoto yuzu and the rare 'Iwai' rice, resulting in a brew overflowing with the richness of rice and the delicate aroma of ginjo. After pressing, the sake is left to rest slowly with yuzu juice in tanks kept at sub-zero temperatures, preserving its delicate flavors. 
Bottled immediately with airtight sealing and rapid cooling to prevent aroma loss, our sake offers a burst of yuzu fragrance upon opening, accompanied by fresh acidity, subtle bitterness, and a smooth mouthfeel unique to sake production. 
While storage at room temperature is possible, we recommend refrigeration due to the absence of filtration.

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sake KAGURA, yuzu juice, brewed alcohol, granulated sugar, Vitamin C

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