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A trip from vibrant Singapore to serene and beautiful Hokkaido opens the door to a world of unparalleled gastronomic delights, including world-class chocolate. As a renowned dairy production centre, Hokkaido lays the foundations for some of the world's most sophisticated chocolates. This guidebook explores the fascinating world of chocolate in Hokkaido and introduces four iconic Hokkaido chocolates, including the much-loved Royce Fresh Chocolate and Shiroi Koibito.

1.Hokkaido chocolate is characterised by

Outstanding dairy quality: premium milk from Hokkaido guarantees a creamy, rich foundation for the chocolate.

Craftsmanship: Hokkaido's skilled chocolatiers dedicate themselves to chocolate making with unparalleled precision and care.

Creative flavours: unique combinations of ingredients from Hokkaido accentuate the flavour of the chocolates.

Thoughtful packaging: the careful attention to packaging design makes these chocolates ideal as gifts.

2.Four of Hokkaido's leading chocolates

Lloyds Raw Chocolate: made from the finest cocoa and creamy Hokkaido milk.


Shiroi Koibito: creamy white chocolate biscuits. A testament to Hokkaido's confectionary tradition and an ideal souvenir.

Citation:Shiroi Koibito

LeTAO Sansashion:A terrine chocolat with a heavy texture that resonates in the mouth with a pleasant sensation. It has been renewed and re-launched with the addition of wine grape juice from Urausu, Hokkaido, which has a flavour similar to red wine, as a secret ingredient. 


Rokkatei Marusei Butter Sandwich: chocolate, raisins and butter cream sandwiched between biscuits.

Citation:Rokkatei Marusei

 3.Recommended souvenirs

Hokkaido's signature chocolates, Loews Fresh Chocolate and Shiroi Koibito, combine Hokkaido's rich dairy products and careful craftsmanship, making them ideal souvenirs for visitors from Singapore.

Sweet souvenirs from Hokkaido. Five of the best Japanese sweets for souvenirs.


A trip from Singapore to Hokkaido is not just a change of scenery, but also an exploration of a tapestry of rich flavours, culture and natural beauty. Hokkaido's chocolates, especially Lloyds fresh chocolates and Shiroi Koibito, encapsulate Hokkaido's culinary heritage and make ideal souvenirs for a trip to this enchanting island. After eating the chocolates, Hokkaido's magnificent scenery and warm hospitality will stay with you forever.

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