Yamanashi Vineyard Wafer cake with red bean paste "Sakurakko" 5pcs

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Dainagon azuki beans from Tanba Sasayama are synonymous with the finest azuki beans, and are first-class in every way, from the colour of the grain to its lustre, taste and aroma.
The production is small, and the Dainagon azuki, which is considered to be of the highest quality, is regarded as a rare and precious commodity.
The red bean paste is made from the finest Tanba Dainagon azuki beans.
The sakura monaka is made from a special type of glutinous rice called 'shin Taisho mochi'.

Ideal for a variety of gift-giving occasions.

Processed in:

Per unit: approx. 30 g
Monaka: 5 pieces.
Anko (red bean paste): 140 g

wafer (sticky rice), bean paste (red bean(Hokkaido), sugar, syrup, agar)

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