Plum Syrup Set ( Green Ume 1kg / Rock Sugar 1kg / Glass Bottle 2L*1pc )

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Ingredients for Ume Syrup (Ume Juice)

  • Green Ume (Japanese plums): 1 kg
  • Rock Sugar: 1 kg
  • Glass Bottle : 4 L capacity

*Please note that this product has one bottle for 2L.

How to Make Ume Syrup (Ume Juice)

  1. Wash the green ume thoroughly and dry each one completely. Remove the stem ends using a bamboo skewer.
  2. In a jar sterilized with alcohol, alternately layer the green ume and rock sugar. To prevent fermentation, add apple cider vinegar at the end.
  3. Shake the jar to mix the vinegar evenly, then place it in a cool, dark place. Shake the jar once a day to mix the contents (2-3 times a day is even better).
  4. After about a week, the ume will start to shrivel, and the syrup will rise. Once all the ume are fully shriveled and the rock sugar is completely dissolved, remove the ume. Your ume syrup is now ready.


  • If space allows, store the jar in the refrigerator; it will last for up to a year. At room temperature, it also keeps well, but it's best to use it within three months.
  • Storage conditions may vary, so consume as soon as possible.
  • Enjoy by mixing with soda water to make ume soda, or use it to make jelly.

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