Fresh Aoume (Green Plum)

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1. The delivery day is JUNE 7th TUESDAY only

2. Although there is delivery fee $10.00 for purchase below $100.00, the green plum is an exception; No Delivery Fee :)

The long waited plum is going to be in the market in JUNE.

Aoume is the green plum, the prematured plum. This is best suited for plum liquor making. If you would like to try homemade Umeshu, this is it.

If you've tried homemade umeshu before, you will notice that the taste is absolutely different from the processed umeshu can that you see in the retail stores. It is full of umeshu flavor.

Click here to check our Blog Post about Umeshu Recipe

Processed in:
Kanagawa or Saga or other prefs



Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, avoid direct sunlight / places with high heat and humidity. Once opened, please keep it in refrigerator.

Do not eat green plum row before processing.

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Do you sell shochu for umeshu?
No, unfortunately not. But you can use any liquor like Japanese Sake, Brandy, Shochu (white liquor) as long as alcohol level is over 20.
The fun part about making umeshu at home is you get to choose which liquor to use as ingredient and how the taste differs depending on it.
Here's the basic information about the taste difference:

Shochu (white liquor):
This is the standard ingredient for umeshu. Since shochu has no smell nor taste, you can enjoy fully the flavor of plum. This also gives you the option to mix umeshu with tea or juice.

The main characteristic of making umeshu with brandy is that it can brew quicker than any others. That "brandyness" mixes well with sweetness of plum, making it mellow and delicious. The sake mania's favorite is this one. If you would like to try the refreshing umeshu, decrease the amount of candy rock.

Japanese sake:
When you make umeshu with Japanese sake, we recommend to decrease the amount of candy rock to fully enjoy the sake flavor. Compared to others, umeshu made from Japanese sake is refreshing because the refreshing plum flavor matches well with the sweetness from rice. We recommend to mix umeshu on the rock or with soda.

The Glass Bottle Size and Amount:
*roughly bottle size needs x4 the amount of plum.

Plume Amount Glass Bottle Size
250g 1L Bottle
500g 2L Bottle
 1kg 4 Bottle
2kg 8 Bottle

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