Marukome Plus Koji Amasake Soymilk

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Koji amazake, made by saccharifying starch from rice and rice koji and extracting natural sweetness, is combined with soy milk. The flavor of the soy milk and the sweetness of the amazake are blended in a well-balanced manner to create a refreshing and easy-to-drink taste.
With no sugar and 0% alcohol, this amazake is easy for small children to drink and is recommended as a countermeasure against heat stroke.
The drink comes with a straw, making it easy for adults and small children to drink.

In Japan, amazake is also called 'drinking infusion' and is full of various nutrients.
It is a perfect drink not only for winter but also for summer, as it is expected to help you recover your strength.

Processed in:


soy milk, amazake(rice, koji malted rice, salt)

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