Daikoku (Hon) shimeji mushroom

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  • Daikoku shimeji mushroom, also known as Hon Shimeji (literally means authentic shimeji in Japanese). Daikoku is named after its very similar shape as Daikoku-sama (one of Seven Deities of Good Luck "七福神").

  • The fat flesh has very crunchy texture and full of umami. It was one one of mushroom difficult to produce just like Matsutake mushroom.

  • Although its stable production is now realized, you can still hardly find any in Singapore market.

Nutrition Fact:
It contains "ornithine", which is one of amino acids that help liver activity.
Other than that, it contains much vitamin B1, B2 that help remove your fatigue.

Processed in:
Kyoto or other prefs

3-4 pc (100g)


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"Flavor like Matsutake, Taste like Shimeji."
As it has very nice flavor, it is enjoyed as ingredient for cooked rice or cream stew.

Daikoku Shimeji and Cabbage steamed in foil.

1. Daikoku Shimeji ... 2 packs (100g x2)
2. Cabbage ... some
3. Japanese leek ... 1/2 pc
4. Butter ... 20g
5. Ponzu sauce ... 2 tsbp.
6. Black pepper ... some
7. Lemon ... some

1. Cut daikoku shimeji in half (vertically), cut cabbage in small pieces. and cut leek in diagonally.
2. Make a small plate with foil. Place all vegetables that are cut.
3. Add butter on top and pour some Ponzu sauce.
4. Put a cover with foil.
5. Heat in oven toaster for 12-15 minutes. OR Heat on a pan with midium heat for 15 minutes.
6. Once you visually check if all are cooked. Add some black pepper and lemon.

We also have the following recipe with Marukome Miso powder:

Easy Recipe mushroom baked in foil

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