How to make mushroom steamed in foil. - Tokyo Fresh Direct


1. Shimeji mushroom ... 1/2 pack
2. Maitake mushroom ... 1/2 pack
3. Eryngii mushroom ... 2 pieces
4. Marukome Ryotei No Aji Freeze Dry Miso Powder ... 1 tbsp.
5. Butter ... 1 tbsp.

1. Separate shimeji & maitake into pieces by hands. Cut Eryngii into 1 bite-size.
2. Get 2 sheets of alumi-foil (30cm each). Wrap mushroom.
3. Heat it on a pan until mushroom are cooked.
4. Top some butter and miso powder on top.

This recipe is presented by Marukome, Japan's No.1 Miso company in Japan.
The original JP recipe


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