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[Rice Koji Amazake made by rice farmers]
Rice amazake made with only "Rice-1 Grand Prix Silver Prize-winning rice" Musubi (Oborozuki), which is grown at The Hokkaido Farm using less agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers, carefully selected "Hokkaido rice malt" and "famous water from the Yubari mountain range in Hokkaido".

[Benefits of amazake made with rice malt]
Beautiful skin, beautiful hair, anti-aging, improvement of intestinal environment, prevention of cold, immunity enhancement, recovery from fatigue, diet support, etc

1. production of rice, the raw material for amazake
2. production of rice used to make amazake
3. production of amazake made with rice malt
4. sales of amazake made with rice malt We do everything ourselves, so we can deliver delicious amazake that is "safe" and "secure" with confidence

The "rice farmer's homemade amazake" is carefully prepared by rice farmers who know the rice and rice malt well, and they themselves watch the rice and rice malt. It has less aroma peculiar to koji and can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly. We are proud of our "rice amazake" which is safe, delicious, and good for the body. Please try it for the health of yourself and your family.
Rice malt amazake for your daily life. At room temperature, warmed, or chilled. Please try to find your favorite way to drink amazake. You can also use it as a seasoning in your daily cooking in place of sugar or mirin. Moreover, when you marinate meat and fish in amazake, the koji breaks down the protein and makes them tender, giving them a higher grade of flavor.

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rice, koji malted rice

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