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There are clear reasons why Japanese jellies are attracting so much attention in Singapore. It's the perfect combination of unique texture, variety of flavours and health benefits. In this article, we pick five of the most popular products to find out why Japanese Jellies are so well-loved, and take a deep dive into some of the most popular flavours and the health benefits of Jellies.

1.Why Japanese Jellies are so popular

japanese jelly

Japanese jellies are known for their unique sticky texture and flavours that balance sweet and sour tastes. Their beautiful appearance is another reason why Japanese jellies are considered special. Their colourful, transparent visuals make people feel happy even before they eat them. These factors combine to make Japanese jelly a favourite of all ages.

2.Five typical Japanese jellies

japanese jelly

MIKAN JELLY: Filled with mandarin orange pulp, this jelly is characterised by its refreshing sweetness and distinctive sourness.

Matcha jelly: This jelly is made with matcha, a symbolic Japanese green tea. It has the perfect balance of bitter matcha flavour and sweetness.

Grape Jelly: a jelly with the rich taste and aroma of grapes. The sweetness and acidity of the different types are appealing.

Melon Jelly: packed with sweet, juicy melon flavour. Refreshing and perfect for summer.

Brown Sugar Kinako Jelly: Japanese-style jelly with the deep sweetness of brown sugar and the savoury taste of kinako (soybean flour). It has a unique flavour.

3.Particularly popular flavours

Grapes and melon are among the most popular flavours. Grape jelly attracts many people with its rich taste and mellow aroma.

This grape jelly also has an interesting shape.

FUJISEY Shine Muscat Ball Jelly

japanese jelly

FUJISEY Kyoho Grape Ball Jelly


Melon jelly, on the other hand, is chosen for its sweet, fresh taste, especially during the hot season, when people want to refresh themselves.

Hokushin Foods Yubari Melon Jelly Neo (12 pieces)

4.Japanese Jelly and Health

Japanese jellies are gaining attention not only for their taste, but also for their health benefits. Most jellies are made from vitamin-rich fruits and have a natural sweetness. Ingredients such as gelatine and agar agar also provide good quality protein and help maintain healthy skin and bones. Japanese jellies are not only tasty and enjoyable, they are also a good choice for the body.


Japanese Jellies are loved in Singapore and around the world for their combination of diverse flavours, unique textures and health benefits. We encourage you to try the jellies introduced in this article. From refreshing fruit flavours to soothing Japanese flavours, you're sure to find one you like. Enjoy a sweet and healthy moment with Japanese jellies.

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