"Daitouryou" Peach from Yamanashi Pref./ selected only above brix 13 [19-20th July Delivery]

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  • This seasonal product strictly delivery only between 2-3rd Aug
  • Other items order together with this seasonal product, will be delivered separately as per chosen date

**Depending on harvest
conditions, we reserve the right to change the delivery date or to another variety of the same grade


Delivery date: 19-20th July

Delivery dates are subject to change depending on harvest conditions. There is also a possibility of changing to another variety of the same grade.

Product description:

"Daitouryou" is a name given to only a handful of peaches from Misaka, a brand-name production area in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan's largest producer of peaches.

The name is given only to high-sugar peaches that meet strict criteria of a sugar content of 13 degrees or higher and a beautiful appearance.
It is a masterpiece for peach lovers and when it comes to peach gifts, the "Daitouryou" is the most popular!

Characteristics of Daitouryou

  • Yamanashi Prefecture is Japan's largest producer of peaches. Fuefuki-shi, in particular, is a major peach production area.
  • The large sugar domain is large and round in shape, with a reddish-orange rind.
  • Fruits that meet strict selection criteria such as appearance, weight, and sugar content of 12 degrees or higher.
  • When ripe, it develops a distinctive peach aroma.
  • Suitable not only for eating raw, but also for jams, parfaits, fruit salads, etc.

How to taste/ enjoy

  • eat without leaving any skin behind?
    • YES, Peach peels are high in fiber and vitamin C.
      It also contains nutrients called catechins, which help prevent tooth decay and bad breath.
  • Delicious way of eating

    • Refrigerate for 1-2 hours before serving.

    • Please note that the sweetness will be lessened if peaches are kept in the refrigerator for a long period of time.

  • Food that goes well with?
    • Champagne
    • Black tea
    • hum with mozzarella (cheese)


Product details:

  • Place of origin: Yamanashi, Japan
  • Content quantity: 1.8kg/6pc
  • Taste profile: Sweet and juicy, low acidity and astringency (brix level 12-13)
  •  Storage method:
    • Basically, Store at room temperature (in a cool place out of the sun).
    • To avoid deteriorate, wrap them individually in newspaper or plastic bags and place them in a refrigerator where the temperature is not too cold.
  • Shelf lif : Please enjoy at your preferred level of firmness and ripeness.
    *Ripen when fragrant, the rind hairs are moist and the rind is red all the way down to the bottom.

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