Rice Noodles Scallop & Hokkaido Kelp Stock SHIMADA.H

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Discover the exquisite blend of Niigata and Hokkaido's finest ingredients with our "Scallop and Rishiri Kelp Pho." 
Featuring "Asia no Kaori" rice from Niigata and Hokkaido potato-based rice noodles, this pho offers a rich broth made with Hakodate kombu and Rishiri kelp. 
Enhanced with Hokkaido scallop extract, malt syrup, unique spices, and rich chicken extract, it provides a multi-layered flavor experience. The smooth, chewy noodles are crafted with care, elevating the broth's depth. Enjoy a bowl that brings the best of Japanese culinary tradition and local flavors to your table.

Processed in:


salt, vegetable oils and fats, scallop extract, reduced starch syrup, protein hydrolysate, wongbok extract, chicken extract, chicken soup, spice, dried bonito flake powder, kelp, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), flavor, alcohol, thickener (xanthan gum), caramel colour

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