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Discover the essence of Kyoto with our artisanal fermented breads, meticulously crafted for those who savor every bite. 
Our secret? 
Harnessing the power of soybeans to create our unique yeast. Originally conceived as a byproduct when a university requested soybean jam, our soybean yeast lends a gentle sweetness reminiscent of miso to our breads. Indulge in the robust aroma of fully baked loaves like Levain Veil, evoking the rich fragrance of soy sauce. 
We insist on using locally sourced "Haruyutaka" wheat and handcraft every filling from scratch, be it red bean paste or custard. Embrace simplicity and savour each morsel, as our breads are meant to be cherished, not hastily devoured.

Processed in:


[#1. Mini Bucket 78g] wheat, levain, yeast, ancient whole wheat flour, salt, malt powder, [#2. Levain Vert 145g] wheat, levain, yeast, ancient whole wheat flour, salt, malt powder, [#3. Ancient Wheat Bagel 92g] wheat, ancient whole wheat flour, levain, sugar, salt, yeast, [#4. Focaccia Corn & Cheese 123g] wheat, ancient whole wheat flour, levain, yeast, corn, shredded cheese, olive oil, mozzarella cheese, sugar, salt, cellulose,
[#5. Melon Ban with Caramel Choco Chip 92g] wheat, cookie dough (wheat, butter, egg, ancient whole wheat flour, caramel chocolate chip, salt), egg, butter, yeast, sugar, walnut, salt, dairy cream, emulsifier, flavor, coloring (annatto),
[#6. Cinnamon Roll With 4 Types Of Raisins 88g] wheat, raisins, egg, butter, organic cinnamon sugar, yeast, sugar, salt, dairy cream, bleaching agent (sulphur dioxide),
[#7. Fougasse Cabbage Taro 86g] wheat, levain, yeast, green laver, worcestershire sauce (organic onion, organic tomato, organic mikan citrus, organic garlic, organic carrot), rice vinegar, sugar (sugar, organic molasses), salt, spice), salt, malt powder,
[#8. Garlic French Bread w Parmesan 44g] wheat, levain, homemade garlic powder (butter, almond powder, onion, parsley, garlic, salt, white pepper), natural cheese, yeast, ancient whole wheat flour, salt, malt powder.

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