Okoicha Green Tea Langgue De Chat CHA NO KA 16pc ROMANLIFE

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Shirakawa, Kyoto, and other Uji teas. From a standard Kyoto sweet to world-class quality. The dark tea used is original for the ‘Cha no Kwa’. 
The tea leaves are carefully selected and mixed to produce a tea with the most suitable colour, taste and aroma. Using the chef's skills and the five senses, the tea leaves are baked into a melt-in-the-mouth langue d'ocha and sandwiched between two layers of original white chocolate with a rich milkiness. As the face of Mar Blanche's classic Kyoto sweets, the ‘Cha no Kwa’ dark tea Langdosha is loved both in Japan and abroad. 
It is a taste and quality unique to Kyoto, born from the ingredients, techniques and heart of this land. Just as in the world of wine, where the land (terroir) and the art of assemblage (blending) are valued, the team ‘Chanohana’ wants to deliver ‘Kyoto's real thing’ to the world by combining the power of Kyoto's land with our unique skills and heart. From the tea plantation to your doorstep, we deliver with responsibility and pride in the taste of our products. 
This is the way Team ‘Chanohana’ thinks of global quality. 

Processed in:


chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, lactose, whole milk powder, condensed milk powder, nonfat milk powder, processed condensed milk powder, black tea powder), butter, egg, powdered sugar (sugar, corn starch), wheat, matcha green tea, sweetened condensed milk, rice flour, leavening agent, emulsifier(soybean), flavor, caramel colour

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