[Dessert Liquor] Nakijin Blended Liquor Aged in Sherry & Oak Casks 200ml (ALC.38%)

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It is a slightly sweet dessert liqueur. Unveil the essence of awamori, a spirit teeming with potential. Whether through aging, storing, or blending, each method yields a distinct experience, rooted in the unique flavors of aged black koji mold (Kuusu). Admiral Perry, visiting the Ryukyu Kingdom in 1853, praised awamori as "rich and smoothly matured" during a banquet. Crafted with unparalleled black koji, awamori stands as a globally acclaimed distilled spirit. Perfected through the art of aging and blending, it embodies excellence. Introducing Ikema Liquor, a blend of barrel-aged base spirits and transparent distillates, enhanced with the sweetness of traditional Wasan sugar. With its notes of barrel-aged depth and aroma, Ikema Liquor reveals a different facet with each leisurely sip. This masterpiece, born from our dedication to barrel aging and blending, marks a new frontier in our craft.

Processed in:


Koji malted rice, Wasanbon sugar

Preserve method:
Store in refrigerator and consume within 4 days from item reception.


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