Oishi Kasei MYROUTINE BEAUTY Purple sweet potato flavor

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The brand's theme is "Supporting beauty, health and self-esteem". This beauty protein is a unique blend of carefully selected beauty ingredients and proteins that lead to beauty from within the body.
This protein has a taste that can be enjoyed like a sweet treat, with its natural sweetness, elegant and rich sweet potato flavor, and sweet and savory tart dough aroma in perfect harmony. If you like oimo, you must try it.
Triple protein formula This is a beauty protein that includes yeast protein, which is now in vogue, and is designed for beauty and health. It is also recommended for replacement diets. [Supports women's beauty] This product is designed to provide 11 vitamins and 8 minerals per serving, including vitamins, iron, and protein, which are important for women's beauty and health, and which are easily consumed when controlling diet.
The product is designed to provide 11 vitamins and 8 minerals per serving at the same time. [Ingredients for Inner Beauty] Contains beauty ingredients such as dietary fiber, plant-based lactic acid bacteria (Amao lactic acid bacteria), polyphenols (from coffee), coenzyme Q10, and heme iron. It supports "beauty" and "health" from inside the body.

Processed in:


whey protein, soluble dietary fiber, purple potato powder, yeast extract powder, pumpkin seed protein, coenzyme Q10, baker's yeast powder (glucose, yeast containing manganese, yeast containing zinc, yeast containing copper, yeast containing molybdenum, yeast containing iodine, yeast containing selenium, yeast containing chromium), raw coffee bean extract, lactic acid bacteria powder (dextrin, lactic acid), calcium phosphate, flavor, emulsifier, vitamin C, heme iron, sweetener (sucralose, neotame), extracted vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid Ca, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12

Dissolve one serving (15 g) in about 100-120 ml of water or milk, soy or almond milk, depending on your preference.

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